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Lenora De Barros “Homage to George Segal” (1975/2014)

Lenora De Barros
Homage to George Segal
Photo performance first published in POESIAEM G, São Paulo, Brazil, 1975 as: “vento soma forma que busco de cubo a campo ou homage a George Segal”
Black & White photo print on cotton paper; signed on back lower right corner.
42 x 30.5 cm (16 ½” x 12″)
Edition of 3 plus I AP

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The first concrete poetry context Lenora de Barros engaged with was POESIAEM from 1975. This book was an important platform for the visual poetry avant-gardists of the time in São Paulo. De Barros launched here for the first time her legendary performance “Homage a George Segal” as a photographic sequence piece.

Lenora de Barros saw in 1967 at the São Paulo Biennial works by American artist George Segal.

“I never forgot that amazing blank lonely and pathetic figure at “Gas Station.” I was young and it hit me and inspired me.”

As homage to the legendary artist, De Barros did a performance in front of the camera brushing her teeth with such exaggeration that the foam of the paste covers more and more her face and head until she looks much like the eerie plaster figures of George Segal’s sculptures.