Lydia Okumura UB Art Galleries exhibition featured in Blouin Art Info Datebook

UB Art Galleries in Buffalo, New York is hosting an exhibition “Lydia Okumura: Situations” that will be on view at UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts through December 17, 2016 and at UB Anderson Gallery through January 7, 2017.

The exhibition is a survey of Lydia Okumura’s career, showcasing her dynamic installations, indoor and outdoor sculptures and works on paper. Sao Paulo born New York based artist Lydia Okumura’s artistic practice is rooted in the history of geometric abstraction, but also influenced by Conceptual Art and Neo avant-garde. She actively challenges her viewers to introspect their perception of space through sculptures, installations and works on paper, which blur the border between two and three-dimensions. Using materials like string, glass and paint, she provocatively balances line, plain and shadow in her works. She continues to explore the realms of geometric abstraction through revisiting past installations and new works. The exhibition will display her installation ‘In Front of the Light’ along with works from 70s and 80s including ‘Prismatic Appearance’ and ‘Labyrinth’.

The exhibition is on view at two locations- UB Art Gallery, 103 Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY 14260, United States; and UB Anderson Gallery, 1 Martha Jackson Place, Buffalo, NY 14214, United States.


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