LENORA DE BARROS solo exhibition “Issoéossodisso (Thisisboneofthisbone)” at Paço das Artes in São Paulo


On view: April 30-July 30, 2016

Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade
Rua Três Rios 363
Bom Retiro, São Paulo-SP

Since the 1970s, Lenora de Barros has been building a singular trajectory within the context of contemporary Brazilian art. Transiting different languages and media, her work is often born in dialogue with the concrete poetry tradition, where the word (written or spoken) is understood for its materiality, and with conceptual art, pop art and minimalism.

ISSOÉOSSODISSO (THISISBONEOFTHISBONE) features more than 20 works of the artist, including videos, photo performances, poems, posters, and documents. The selection was guided by the artist’s creative process, specially by certain recurring motifs —such as an open mouth or a startled look— that are revisited and recreated in different pieces.

Curated by Priscila Arantes.

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