Georges Adéagbo at the Israel Museum

Georges Adéagbo “Knowing oneself, does one know who the other is”…? Africa in Jerusalem

February 17 – May 6, 2016

Derech Ruppin,
Jerusalem, Israel

Curator: Rita Kersting and Kobi Ben-Meir

Benin-based artist Georges Adéagbo creates a site-specific installation for the Israel Museum’s Focus Gallery. A strong, distinctive voice in the contemporary art world since the mid-1990s, Adéagbo’s floor and wall installations present a network of concepts and associations reflected in materials he collected during extensive stays in Israel and Benin. Using his own texts, found objects, books, as well as paintings and sculptures created by his studio colleagues in Cotonou, Adéagbo identifies visual and conceptual commonalities and relationships between distinctively separate cultures.

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