Devin Leonardi
Sentimental Panorama (2011)

March 15 — April 23, 2011

“Of all the contradictions that define modern life none seems more persistent than the growing sense that everything is getting worse at the same time that our technological and material conditions are getting better. After all, the more we submit to innovation the harder it becomes to determine whether or not technology is in fact cheapening the very things it was designed to improve. This is seen most clearly in our relationship to the photographic image, which becomes less culturally meaningful the easier it becomes to produce. Nowadays you have to wonder: Is there anything more worthless than an anonymous photo? Of course, photography is a just a means of recording the past, so when you question the worth of a photographic image you are in fact questioning the value of the past itself. In that sense, the feeling of cheapness that seems to pervade contemporary society can be understood as a reflection of our inability to take anything but the present seriously. Innovation has become such a driving force that change has become an end in itself. In fact, the forces of change have developed such a will of their own that we have become nostalgic for Progress.”

(Devin Leonardi)