September 13 — October 25, 2008

Broadway 1602 is pleased to announce BOHEMIAN MONSTERS, an exhibition of sculptures by New York based artist Daniel McDonald. In his first solo exhibition, McDonald presents a series of constructions in which dollhouse-scale interiors of tenement dwellings are populated with classic movie monster collectable figurines. Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Phantom of The Opera, Dracula, The Wicked Witch of The West, Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde, The Wolfman, The Mummy and other figures, are employed in the roles of various artists in a series of tableaux narratives which confront each character with stereotypical conditions of bohemian life in a rapidly gentrifying city. By drawing parallels between the nostalgia-ridden roles of the artist and that of the classic Hollywood movie monsters, McDonald lampoons the cultural functions they perform, as outsiders and shape-shifters, which embody and mirror society’s anxieties, fears and perversions.