LACMA Acquisition of Idelle Weber’s “Jump Rope” Mentioned on The Hollywood Reporter

Idelle Weber‘s sculpture “Jump Rope,” 1966-67, is mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter web article, “Will Ferrell, Ryan Seacrest Join for LACMA Collectors Committee 30th Anniversary Dinner,” by Jordan Riefe.


“A Spanish colonial painting, Antonio de Torres’ ‘The Elevation of the Cross,’ could be had for $225,000 (Julian Sands advocated for it) and a pair of pop art sculptures — Idelle Weber’s ‘Jump Rope’ ($250,000) and Claes Oldenburg’s ‘Typewriter Eraser’ ($450,000) — also awaited consideration, as did Eugene Delacroix’s ‘Still Life of Dahlias, Zinnias and Plums on a Table.’

‘For me, it’s very worthy of being shown in a museum. So my immediate reaction is we should consider that as a committee,’ pop art collector and CAA agent Joel Lubin said, choosing ‘Jump Rope’ over the Oldenburg.’

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