Anna Molska

In performance, film, and photography, contemporary Polish concept artist Anna Molska (born 1983) examines cultural production and representation within political structures. Her film titled “The Weavers,” based on a play Gerhart Johann Hauptmann (1862 – 1946), was exhibited at BROADWAY 1602. For her third solo show at the gallery in March 2013, Molska developed a new project “Sixths Continent” based on her researches of the newly discovered archive of her grandfather, who worked as a scientist on the North Pole. Her most recent body of work is an ongoing multi-media project based on the archive of her grandfather who explored the Antarctic as a scientist during the cold war. Molska had her first solo show in our gallery in 2008 with a film shot in a coalmine in South Poland based on Gerhard Hauptmann’s 19th century social drama “ The Weavers”. Her work has been shown at Tate Modern, New Museum New York, Zacheta Gallery and Foksal Gallery Foundation Warsaw, among others.